Welcome and thanks for dropping by. There’s a lot of help for you here if you’re in Grades 8 through 12 (MYP and IB) or Year 9 through 13, (IG to A level) doing physics, chemistry or math. The chemistry stuff is mostly for IGCSE. The site has been kept as uncluttered as possible so navigation is easy. You’ll find syllabuses, notes, questions, interesting facts in these pages and you can navigate either by using “Type a keyword” (the box is found on the right hand side)  or by using the Categories tab and scrolling to see what’s been posted. It’s not designed to be exhaustive, certainly no substitute for a good textbook, just enough to get your imagination and critical thinking going.

There’s a Facebook page for online help here

One very important thing. If you haven’t got your copy of the syllabus or specification (the stuff you need to know), you’re dead before you start. Get a copy and use it as a working document.

For IB, here’s the syllabus for HL and SL – physics_guide_2016 – this will be good for the next few years.

For A level, most exam boards assess the same or very similar material.

Cambridge International is here:


Click for the pdf.

Here is the syllabus for Edexcel, plus the spec 

Google your own Board. Check you’re doing the right course number.

Quite a bit of the content is in small chunks, which might be quite familiar to you if you’re really good at physics. In which case, test your skills by looking at a few harder problems from the British Physics Olympiad.

This site is quite interesting and worth a look if you like problem solving.

Use the comments box below either to ask a question, or to make helpful suggestions. It pings back to my email address so you’ll get a response within hours.

If you’d like me to write about a particular topic, leave a comment.

There is no charge for using the resources here, but if you do copy from these pages, please attribute appropriately, thanks. Many of the images are in the public domain or taken from my own resources. If you think an image belonging to you has been used in contravention of copyright, please let me know.

Finally, over time, web pages get deleted or moved. If you find that a link no longer works, please drop me a note and tell me. Thanks.

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  2. Hi Mr. Vagabond,

    We are working on a project for a competition organized by CERN called Beamline for Schools and we wanted to use your entry called ”Photoelectric effect”, most importantly the some of the figures inside it. We wanted to get your permission to use the figures
    – a) Photoelectric Effect
    – b) Compton Scattering
    – c) Pair Production
    as well as the yellow graph of ”(z of absorber) vs. (photon energy)”
    from the entry.
    We will, of course, cite your entry as a resource in our proposal for the competition. Under these circumstances, would you allow us to use those pieces of information and images in that entry?

    Thanks for your help in advance,


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