Measuring lengths – the right tool for the job. Lengths are measured in m, cm(1/100m) or mm (1/1000m)


Rulers measure length to the nearest mm, Vernier calipers like these above measure to the nearest 1/10mm

Measuring Cylinder

Liquid volume. Always let the liquid settle in the measuring cylinder. Always leave the measuring cylinder on a flat surface when you are reading the volume of the liquid it contains. You should move your body downwards so that your eye is on the same horizontal line as the lower surface of the liquid. Read HORIZONTALLY from the bottom of the meniscus, to nearest small division on the scale.


Time. Galileo began his study of pendulums after he watched a suspended lamp swing back and forth in the cathedral of Pisa when he was still a student there.

Make a pendulum from a piece of Plasticine and some string. Find out the time for ten oscillations (back and forth movements) Divide by 10 to find the time period for one swing. Does it matter how long the string is? How fat or massive the bob is? How wide the swing is? 




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