The Periodic Table

IF you think this is hard, blame Dmitri Mendeleev, who presented a paper to the Russian Chemical Society in 1869, illustrating recurring or “periodic” trends in the properties of the elements. There were a few gaps, which got sorted out in the following years.

Great Uncle Dmitri
Great Uncle Dmitri

Did you know…you can actually buy a shower curtain with the periodic table of the elements on it?  This a great site from Los Alamos Laboratory (where the atomic bomb was developed in the 1940’s) and tells you almost everything you might need to know.  First, a few navigation rules.  The icons at the top show you what to do and where to go and clickable links to each element give basic information. They even tell you that there’s an element (118) which might not even exist!

To Year 8…I’m sorry. There are only 31 flavours of Baskin Robbins ice cream. I was certain there were 33!


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