Useful Stuff for Year 10 chemists

boystudy2Exams are almost here; these resources are just to jog your memories . I suggest you download the documents and study them. I’ve tried to include the kinds of things they ask for in exams. The first one is about commercial production of iron in a blast furnace. This is a process you need to know in some detail, particularly the three temperature zones and all the reactions. The second is called Using Limestone. Pay attention to the agricultural uses of limestone. The next document talks about quite a famous displacement reaction, highly exothermic, called the Thermit Reaction. It can be done in the lab, but only with very small quantities. There are some questions on the sheet, apparently without answers. It’s a test, guys. Work out how to display the answers – they are there. Check out the video – the guy did it in his back garden. You’ll find out why when you look up the video link.

Finally, water is the universal solvent. Remind yourselves about tests for water, the Water Cycle and acid rain production here.

Bonne chance, tout le monde. See you after the hols.


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