Blue Bananas

bluebananasBananas look blue in ultraviolet light. The colouring might be due to the breakdown of chlorophyll – the stuff that makes plants look green -as the fruit ripens. Some animals can see in the shorter wavelength UV, so it might be a means of attracting them.

Would you eat a blue banana?

This image isn’t real. Amazing what can be done with Photoshop…


4 thoughts on “Blue Bananas

  1. Yes, they do! As plants age, they lose their green colour because the chlorophylls that are vital for photosynthesis get converted into colourless chemicals called NCCs (Nonfluorescent Chlorophyll Catabolites). NCCs are found in ageing leaves and the peels of ripe fruit like bananas, apples, and pears. On the way to forming NCCs, chlorophylls go through a brief intermediate state where they are Fluorescent Chlorophyll Catabolites, FCC’s which are (what a surprise!) fluorescent., which means that they glow under UV light.


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