Elements for Year 8’s

This little game is quite fun to play.  If you get to the end AND you can figure out how to get a printout of the ‘Well done…’ like the one below, hand it in to me….Merits available, of course.ptcross

If I can figure it out, so can you…

Also, what about a link between History and Chemistry? Try this crossword puzzle. It’s called ‘Known to the Ancients’. Three merits if you solve it correctly and work out how to hand it in…

Just for information – here’s a new element you might not know much about.

Vanadium. This is about 10cm long
Vanadium. This is about 10cm long

Vanadium is a bluish, grey metal used as an alloy to strengthen steel to make spanners and other tools, also huge structures like bridges and buildings. It’s named after the Norse goddess of beauty, Vanadia or Freya. How many other uses can you find for this element? Merits for the best answers…

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