PhET Science Simulations

Have a look at this site. Here’s one to start you off but there are lots more to try in chemistry and biology as well as physics. the simulations don’t run natively on a Mac, so you’ll need the Java app from the app store to run them. If your security preferences default to native Mac apps in System Preferences, you’ll need to disable this.

Energy Skate Park: Basics

Click to Run

2 thoughts on “PhET Science Simulations

  1. Hello John Vagabond
    (hoping this is your real name)

    I am a Belgian scientist, actually working on a (commercial) textbook physics.
    I have made in it a refetrence to some of your photo’s on diffraction of water waves.

    I now wonder whether I (= my publshing company) could use two or three of your photo’s in a printed version of the textbook.
    Of course under your conditions.

    All this in favour of spreading the Physics science in Belgium! 😉

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

    Ivo Janssens
    Koning Albertstraat 74
    B- 2547 Lint BELGIUM
    Telephone: +32 496 83 36 46


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