Uniform Electric Fields

Physics and Chemistry for IG and A level

If you can do gravity, you can do electrostatics. They are both inverse square laws for non-uniform fields and behave similarly for uniform fields too.

Remember this diagram? This time, imagine two parallel metal plates – very large, separated by a few mm in air. A primitive capacitor, in other words. The top plate is positively charged by connecting it to the + terminal of a battery and electrons from earth will be attracted to the bottom plate. Because the charges are all of the same kind on each plate and the surfaces are flat, they spread out as far as they can, like a carpet. Now, imagine a charge of  say +3mC (in blue) somewhere in between the plates. It’s experiencing a downward force, repelled by the top plate and attracted to the bottom one. This is quite a large blob of charge, since an electron has a charge…

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