Kinetic Theory Summary for Y9

Easy stuff for year 9 Chemists and Physicists Useful stuff to start with… Atoms = tiny particles 1 x 10-10m diameter (100 billion across a small fingernail) Molecules = groups of atoms bonded (chemically stuck) together Elements = unique number of nucleons[1], electrons, 118 in all (smallest H) Compounds = 2 or more elements bound together chemically (Fe2O3, NaCl, H2SO4) … Continue reading Kinetic Theory Summary for Y9

IG Chemistry 2009 Exams Sections 1-3 {Mainly Year 9}

There are 10 sections altogether. Here are the first three. Students can follow either the Core curriculum only or they may follow the Extended curriculum which includes both the Core and the Supplement. Students aiming for grades A* to C must follow the Extended curriculum. It is important that, throughout this course, attention should be drawn to: … Continue reading IG Chemistry 2009 Exams Sections 1-3 {Mainly Year 9}