For AS students fresh from your IG or GCSE success – A level is a little bit more difficult, as you might expect and you are expected to listen hard in class and bits you don’t understand you can get from your textbook. In other words, it’s more down to you to master the material than it was when you were younger; you just have to think and process information more clearly.  A physics A level is a formidable, serious qualification. You announce to the world that you’ve got a brain if you do well. Have a look at a past paper (June 2016)

AS will be with us for a while yet – it’s a cut down version designed to be done in the first year of a two year 16-18 program. Here’s the Cambridge International spec right up until 2021 including AS. You’ll notice a lot of familiar ideas – the depth and understanding required is greater, that’s all.

Similarly the MYP program should have prepared you well for IB studies, but it’s  quite a jump from MYP. You have to learn quite a lot quite fast and examiners are looking for a high level of problem solving skill as well as a broad and quite in-depth understanding, also they penalise sloppy wording and poorly drawn diagrams and graphs. Just for information, the usual tolerance for drawn graphs in exams is half a square either side, so bring a sharp pencil.

The IB physics stuff  for the new syllabus is here – there are lots of other places too.  Take a look – this wiki has a lot of information.

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