If you are studying IG physics or doing a 2 or 3 year MYP course, you are in Year 9 (Grade 8) or above, here is the page where you can download the Cambridge syllabus or everything you might need to know to pass exams. Download the file for your entry year and look for the Contents part, containing Core and Extended. Core is for grades U to C, extended from D to A*. Remember, they’ll ask you questions in different contexts, same stuff, just dressed up differently.

This is a very useful site.  All the past papers you need, (CIE is the International one)

3 thoughts on “Physics IG, MYP

  1. i need the syllabus for year 9 2010 cause my teacher is giving us some werried things that i need to understand and i cant unless i have the syllabus

    Same as Y9 or 10 last year.


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